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New Canadiana :: respectfulchild – [demos] – Weird Canada

“This piece is trying to reflect the listlessness of seasonal depression, when lighter days feel so far away and we feel trapped inside our heads, our homes, and in the unending greyness. But the ending is a reminder that spring will always come again, that the fog we feel stuck in will melt away. There’s a lot of pressure this time of year to be cheerfully celebrating with friends and family and I wanted to honour another side of the season that is so isolating and often gets tucked away and shamed.” – Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada 10 – The Line of Best Fit

“I know I don’t want to make music that people can point at and say, ‘That’s an Oriental or an Asian sound,’ because whatever I make is going to be Asian art. So this is like — break down that idea and give you a whole new thing to listen to.” This is music that pays respect to roots and grows out of them, while grappling with totally new ideas.” – CBC Arts: Exhibitionists

“Bewitching is possibly the only word to describe this calming, Zen-like piece of delicate instrumental music from Canadian-based solo musician respectfulchild’s debut album Searching.” – Tracks of the Week #27 – God is in the TV

“The tour’s other highlight came from respectfulchild, a solo instrumental project from Gan of Saskatoon, which, as they acknowledge, is on Treaty 6 territory. Gan stood alone on the stage, conjuring loops from their violin, vocalisations, and breath, fusing the organic and the electronic. Performing in the Landr offices as the sun set over Mont Royal, their performance drew a feeling of calm over the entire space, a moving moment of meditation and clarity in an otherwise hectic weekend.” – M for Montreal – The Line of Best Fit

“The album says so much, without a single word. Layers and loops overlap and intertwine, all one humble human’s intricate creation, to crescendo at peaks with the power to remind us of emotions we thought we’d forgotten.” – album review on BeatRoute

“respectfulchild describes 在找::searching:: as “…opening more questions than it can answer”, to which I would add it also fills previously undiscovered voids in the Canadian musical landscape.” – album review on DOMINIONATED

“Equipped with nothing but a violin and loop pedals, Gan builds ethereal tracks that are part field recording, part avant-pop.” – What We Saw at Sled Island: Part 1

“The music played like a more pleasant version of Owen Pallett’s violin experiments, capturing the strange childhood feeling of curiosity.” – Photo recap Sled Island Day 2

“Encapsulated by a mystic menagerie of sounds, melodies, and gleeful bits,respectfulchild composes ornate music that is hyper-detailed, down to every ping and pop, yet somehow never manages to feel cluttered.” – The Best New Music of 2016 – Ominocity

“Beguiling melodies, mystic atmospheres, and a collection of tiny glimpses of ornate musicianship. With the release of one song in 2016, respectfulchild has managed to capture the ambient dreams of audiences across Canada.” – Our favourite music that came from Saskatchewan in 2016 – Ominocity

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