Remai Modern Questionnaire

As part of Remai Modern’s online programming during COVID-19, I got to answer their questionnaire to share my personal perspective and experience of the pandemic lockdown. Here is an excerpt:

“I share the same enthusiasm for my bed as Chibi Maruko-Chan”

5. What are you letting go of? What are you holding on to? 

Trying to let go of the feeling of needing to prove my worth through doing rather than just being. Getting in touch with my own enjoyment rather than doing things for other people. Observing myself, learning my needs and understanding how I function. Using this time to practice being actively gentler with myself and holding onto how it feels to be my own best friend.”

You can read the full questionnaire here

Creative Saskatchewan feature

“I think the greatest border we have to overcome is the one that’s stifling our imaginations. We’re taught throughout our lives to accept so many things, whether they’re political boundaries, gender norms, or musical conventions, that we forget how to dream of other possibilities for ourselves and our collective future. For me, it’s really important to learn about and know where I am coming from in order to see how things can change and grow.”

Read the full interview here

photo by Chris Graham Photography

interview with Never Enough Notes

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an interview I did with Kim Sklinar of Never Enough Notes at The Great Escape in Brighton, UK