Tracks of the Week #27

respectfulchild – Glitter

Bewitching is possibly the only word to describe this calming, Zen-like piece of delicate instrumental music from Canadian-based solo musician respectfulchild’s debut album Searching.

There are echoes of landmark ambient and experimental pieces – the liquid atmospherics of The Irresistible Force’s classic remix of Coldcut’s ‘Autumn Leaves’ perhaps, or the restlessly reverberating plucked strings of Steve Reich – but ‘Glitter’ has a mood and charm all of its own. Gan or 敬兒– whose name, given to them by their grandmother, translates as respectfulchild in mandarin, has been on tour across the UK in recent weeks, appearing alongside former Can frontman Damo Suzuki in one of his live improvisation sessions.

Playing looped up violin and using the character of his breath – a common theme in ‘Glitter’ too – to add to the slowly enveloping sonics, he’ll round off the tour with dates at The Great Escape on May 18 (Unitarian Church, Brighton) and 19 (Green Door Store, Brighton).

Released this week on Coax Records. (BW)

– Tracks of the Week #27 – God is in the TV

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