Monthly Archives: August 2017

snapshot of what I’ve been blasting in the car for tour this summer

listen to women and artists of colour 🙂

Far She by Via App
Craig by SMERZ
Ccoco by D. Tiffany
Et by Scintii
Stay by Diva Li
Heaven Could Be Lately by Jayda G
Hades Gate by Xosar
After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)** by Elysia Crampton feat. Rabit
Blood of the Covenant by Chino Amobi
Out by 16 Dead On The Scene by Machine Girl
2010 by Cornelius
Rookie by Red Velvet

** Bartolina Sisa was an Aymara woman who lead the indigenous uprising in Bolivia against their Spanish colonial oppressors in 1781. She was executed, her body dismembered and put on display to intimidate further resistance. The 5th of September, International Day of the Indigenous Women was instituted in her honour. Elysia’s music and work are meant as Aymara survival and resistance, Bartolina being a major inspiration for her album Demon City which this track is from.